Our Ethos

Numen Law Offices is a multi-disciplinary law firm that specializes in Dispute Resolution, Corporate Advisory and Criminal Litigation. We offer an extensive range of dispute resolution services covering inter alia commercial law, real estate, arbitration, antitrust and competition, insolvency & bankruptcy. The firm has a dedicated criminal litigation team that specializes in serious offences including economic offences.

Since its incorporation in 2019, the firm has been honored with the following recognition:

  • Awarded the "Emerging Law Firm of the Year 2020" by BW Business World;
  • Invited by the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) to submit its profile and story for inclusion in the exclusive Coffee Table Book which is released to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of SILF;
  • Named the official columnist for the 'Dispute Resolution Digest' of the India Business Law Journal.

Trust, competence and attention to detail form the core of our service. We take pride in thriving in a meritocratic environment with modern practice management. Our team has strong depth and experience in the domestic legal environment as well extensive international exposure, enabling us to merge international best practices with domestic sensibilities, competence and insights.

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